CEO Message


We sincerely thank you for visiting Wooil Corporation

Wooil Beverage Corporation will try our best to be the reliable company which the customers should be considered as our first priority now and forever.

Based on the continuous love and support of our customers, we, Wooil Beverage Corporation, will continue to strive to place our customers as our main priority. Within unlimited competition, we will meet customer satisfaction through our management philosophy, “A Trusted Company with Technology and Quality”. Furthermore, in order to enhance the quality competence towards the world, we will further maintain and progress to become the company that both our customers and shareholders love and in which our employees have pride in through research and creation, share, and the fulfillment of win-win management.

Chairman Joong-Gab, Gwon

We, as members of Wooil Beverage Corporation, would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers who have continually given interest and support to our company. Wooil Beverage Corporation, which first placed its foot in Yecheon Agriculture and Industry Complex in 1998 as a specialized food and beverage company, has endeavored to produce the best and the safest products through the use of latest production facilities and strict quality control.

Despite the numerous hardships and difficulties after the company’s foundation, our company has successfully claimed our position as a continuously growing corporation due to progressive challenges and constant innovations. As a result, we have equipped ourselves with an overall production system composed of PET, CAN, and Bottle, in deed becoming one of the specialized beverage companies within the beverage industry.

In order to satisfy the strictly growing needs and expectations of our customers, we, Wooil Beverage Corporation, have invested continuously into quality assurance and research analysis system with “Quality First Principle” and pioneer minds as our background, and have received certification of ISO 22000 that internationally guarantee food safety and certify Food HACCP and Livestock Products HACCP as well as organic products. Thus, with the vision of being a healthy, trusted company with a strong systematic and scientific administration, we will endeavor to contribute to our customers’ health and happiness by always prioritizing our customers and by providing differentiated product quality and service.

Wooil Beverage Corporation will strive to discover what our customers want first and accompany the success of our customers.
Thank you.

President Pyung-Mo, Kang